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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor Old Guy

Ok- as of today I must add wild cats to the list of things which drive my husband nuts!
We have had this wild, scruffy, long haired old back tom cat hanging around my house for almost 2 months now. He "sprays" everything! My yard furniture, kids swing, house, lawnmower etc. And heaven forbid if we leave the garage door open- then he sneaks in and sprays everything else! It has been a nightmare of scents!

We have called animal control, we have laid traps with expensive tuna in it, and everything else we could think of....nothing has trapped nor stopped this monster.

This morning he started a battle next to the house with my little girl cat. The noise they were making was horrible! It sounded like someone dying out there. So my husband takes off running full speed ahead to "run him off".

Well as everyone knows, full speed ahead for a almost 52 year old not what it once was but in all honesty this old guy is really pretty quick even now. I was amazed at how fast he went until he suddenly stopped and began hopping on one leg! Yep- you guessed it- he pulled a big muscle running from his knee all the way up! OUCH!

He did manage to run the wild cat off, but now he is in bed with drugs.....what a way to start the day!

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