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Friday, March 19, 2010

After the Growing Years Part 4

Ok- so now we have her standing for brief amounts of time and getting a bit better. Life goes on! She went to college, taking online classes and attending those she could. Graduated and got married! Her husband Bryan is an absolute dream. He tolerated all of the extra care and attention she required without complaint. Don't have a clue how he did it...but he did!

And a few years later she had 2 (separate not twins) healthy and outgoing baby boys. I am now officially old....grandma was my new title but I go by seems to take the edge off of the "oldness" of the word...grandma! But I LOVE it! Finally we had some boys around and they are definitely different from baby girls!

So anyway, life went on. Missy was always at one doctor or another struggling to keep upright and provide for her babies, and always had a huge smile on her face. Don't know how but she is really happy by nature and always has been...thank God. She was a frequent visitor with the cardiologists to keep her blood pressure up, and the endocrinologist as her once simple case of hypothyroidism transferred into Hashimoto's thyroiditis...and then she still had the "spots" which would blister, scab and scar her everywhere....and then....she started loosing her hair. She had really dark brown hair so the hair loss was very noticeable. She looked like an old woman who died her was so thin on the top front areas.

The final straw came in Nov-Dec. of 2009. Their entire family had driven from Missouri to Georgia to spend the holidays (an entire month) with my husband and me. Arriving at Thanksgiving I noticed a huge change in her...but never told her how started I was. Instead I did the normal mom nagging which she was used to! I did this to get her attention without alarming her. Prior to their trip down, she had been to the ophthamologist for a change in her eye glasses. And when she got to my house, she made the comment that she thought the doctor or someone must have made the glasses wrong...they were good the day she got them (or so she thought) but just a few days later- she said her vision was worse than before she got the new glasses.

While at my house she was constantly taking migraine med's attributing it to her eye strain.

They drove back to Missouri the day after Christmas.

Ten days after getting home...she called me....Mom-can you come live with me for a while? They say I am going blind and I need you.

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