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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After the Growing Years -Final

So at the doctor's office we learned....she needed to be on growth hormone as an adult! And she would most likely need it for the rest of her life but we had to watch her very carefully for the first 6 months to make sure everything was "good".

It took another frustrating 2 months before all the paperwork, Insurance, etc. all went through...but she finally got her med's. And after only 10 days of being back on it (finally)...her vision began to improve-the headaches stopped and she stopped all of her heart med's...Guess what- she didn't need it anymore! The neurocardiosyncopy (passing out) was essentially gone! And after only a few months she was gaining a normal persons strength...meaning she could with her kids...and her hair started growing back (instead of looking like an old lady with old age hair loss).

Three months after being back on growth hormone, I flew her back to the pediatric endocrinologist for her check up....all systems PERFECT! YAY-YAY-YAY!!!!!!!!
Another 3 months later....still good! So we were able to finally switch her to a local adult endocrinologist in her area who could monitor her from that point forward.

In our house I used to drive the kids nuts by saying "mom is always right". And if they argued...I would let them learn something the hard way and then say...."mom is always right" (instead of "I told you so").   Nice to know that I have not lost my touch as my brain is definitely aging- so I doubt I will have many more of these opportunities! :-)

So today, she is getting healthy again. Her lung strength is getting back to normal. She walks every night and she is loosing weight. (I am so jealous!) Her mind is sharp and her smile is contagious as it once is good...not perfect....but really REALLY good!

And now that I have fulfilled my promise to write all of this journey down...I can get on with more humorous stories in the future. If anyone needs help...visit; !

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